Come and enjoy a unique adventure in the rainforest of southeast Ecuador in an ecologically friendly farm, adjacent to a 50,000+ acre Municipal Ecological Reserve, Siete Iglesias.  Enjoy amazing views and witness firsthand the amazing biodiversity present on Hollywood Farms, see reforestation in action, learn and participate in organic farming activities.  With over 90 acres of primary jungle, ranging in altitude from 4500 feet (1600m) to 6300 ft (over 2000m), visitors experience the adventure of a lifetime as they walk in an area under investigative research with local and international biologists, with species of flora and fauna being identified, and new species being discovered.

We offer an all-inclusive voyage that covers all logistics from transportation to translators and traditional cuisine with all safety and security measures implemented for international visitors.

There are several tours offered to explore the wonders of Jungle Dave’s Hollywood Farms

  • Relaxing, easy going half day tours, for those in "vacation mode"; swim in crystalline cold water streams, hunt butterflies, and enjoy bird watching. Watch and learn about the leaf cutter ants, see the Sangre de Drago Tree, a tree which bleeds a natural coagulant with several medicinal properties, among other activities. See the spectacular views of the Andes Mountains from the comfort of a 1982 GMC Sierra!
  • For those who are more adventurous but like the coziness of a warm bed, day hikes are offered to primary jungle, waterfalls, and the ecological farm tour.
  • Extreme activities include repelling down a 250ft (80m) cliff into primary jungle below.
  • For more adventurous backbackers, several night tours are offered, exploring different ecosystems and the biodiversity within them. These hikes include altitude changes of several thousand feet, and require a days training prior to the hike. See Pan de Azucar or Filo de Paxi for more information.
  • Custom tours available!Complete custom tour packages are also available, for all ages, abilities and budgets! Like butterfiles?? We will spend however many days it takes to satisfy your buttterfly desires! Into birds?? Lets go find some! Over 120 species identified so far on the farm!


  • Bring comfortable clothes that you can get dirty, or even discard.
    The jungle can best be described as MUDDY!!!!!! Jungle mud comes in many consistencies and colors, including, as shown in the image.
  • BRING WARM COMFORTABLE CLOTHES FOR NIGHT! San Juan Bosco is at 3300 feet, and all trails go up, some reaching almost 10,000 feet above sea level!! Its cold up there! A pair of sweats or long johns can make the high altitude cold nights bearable/survivable!
  • We offer tent rentals, sleeping bag rentals, everything you need to be comfortable and enjoy the jungle!
  • We even cook!! Jungle meals include meat and vegetables and warm "Canelazos" (a hot cinnamon beverage with just a little "jungle juice!")