• Between 1990 and 2005, Ecuador lost 21.5% of its forest cover (approximately 7.5 MILLION acres) due to deforestation caused by wood harvesting and clearing primary rain forest for cattle production.
  • Primary rain forest is considered the most biodiverse habitat in the world, and Ecuador has the highest biodiversity of birds on the planet.
  • Given poor economic conditions, lack of work, and simple use of out of date, unsustainable agricultural and environentally harmful practices, the rate of deforestation in Ecuador is increasing.
  • In a joint project with the local government and land owners, reforest projects are underway to promote ecological tourism (an alternative source of income for locals), increase knowledge of ecological friendly farming practices, protection of watershed areas, and protection of large tracts of land for County Ecological Reserves.

You can help!

The site of the first phase of reforestation is centered around the community based eco-tourism project the ascension of Pan de Azúcar. Areas surrounding the trail will be maintained and new trees planted, providing shade and increased exposure to incredible bird species in the area. Over time, orchids and bromeliads will return,a further tourist attraction.

All proceeds go to cultivating and/or purchasing trees native to the area, reforesting key areas including steeps and watershed areas to prevent erosion and water contamination. The site of the reforestation project (shown in yellow below) is in plain site of San Juan Bosco, so the community can witness the reforestation as it happens.

Adopt a Jungle Tree

Adopt a jungle tree and you will receive:
- A digital photo of your tree
- GPS coordinates of your tree
- A satellite image with the location of your tree marked
- Regular updates of the reforestation project underway that your donation will fund
- A tag will be placed on your tree, with your name, the date of adoption, and personalized dedication, saying, name, etc.

Adopt a tree for the entire family, up to 10 trees for a donation of $100 dollars

ADOPT AN ACRE - $1,000
For a donation of $1,000 dollars, protect an entire Acre of Primary Jungle!!

Then, come visit your tree!! Come see your tree in its natural habitat, explore what life exists on it, what biodiversity of insects, plants, and birds utilize your tree to for survival.