Jungle Dave Tours operates in southeastern Ecuador, in the province of Morona Santiago. The goal of Jungle Dave Tours is to offer eco-tourism activities at affordable prices, with proceeds used to fund education and environmental protection efforts in the community of San Juan Bosco and the surrounding areas.

San Juan Bosco is located in the Amazon Basin at an elevation of approximately 3,400 feet (1,050 meters). Currently operated as a community based eco-tourism project, Jungle Dave's Tours allows tourists and members of the local communities alike, to learn about, experience and enjoy the unique and diverse ecosystems of the region. Operations are conducted under a resources management plan that calls for expansion of the protected rain forest reserves over time.

Newly developed tour trails allow visitors to explore the forested foothills that surround San Juan Bosco. Entry to this tour area is a mere 20 minute hike from the center of town. Local guides escort visiting explorers through different areas, each with its own unique array of flora and fauna, and that involve elevation changes of only several hundred vertical feet (150 meters). More details for these �-day to full-day hikes are provided in the Tour Tabs on this page. For more adventurous and advanced groups, guided overnight and multi-day tours can be arranged, that let one venture into the surrounding mountains. These hikes transition through several different eco-zones, and offer trails to peaks as high as 10,000 feet (3000 meters).

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