Jungle Dave is described below by tourists who have visited me:

  • "Jungle Dave not only showed us a beautiful place, but also a great time. He is knowledgable about the area and obviously passionate about the work he is invovled in. I know that his work in San Juan Bosco will extend benefits not only to his community, but to the world."
    Lydia Carey

  • "Dave is a redneck crazy enough and resourceful enough to actually bring eco-tourism to a region of the Ecuadorian jungle almost unknown by the typical traveling gringo. While touring with him, you won't have to sit through some fake indigenous ceremony, nor will you sleep on silk sheets; you will, however experience life as the locals do. Dave should know--he's marrying one. Just be sure not to say anything bad about NASCAR legend Dale Jr.!"
    Peter Olson

  • "I'm not an outdoors person, but the rain forest is a very special place, unlike anything I've ever experienced before. This otherworldly destination, only accessible by winding dirt roads, is charming and allowed me to challenge myself as I hiked around, over fallen tree trunks, up steep hillsides in my slightly oversized loaner boots. It was a wonderful time, and I actually look forward to doing it again!"
    Suzanne Lander

  • "Jungle Dave is a man of science with a passion for preserving the amazing biodiversity that exists in his corner of South America. He has taken a beautiful -but little known- region of Ecuador and carefully opened it to adventours travellers who enjoy nature. He is knowledgeable about all of the flora and fauna in "his jungle" and is an especially avid birdwatcher. Jungle Dave will introduce you to everything from the myriad insects and plants that inhabit every crevice of the jungle to sightings of rare birds and animals. During a tour with Jungle Dave you will find also that he constantly checks on the comfort and interests of the traveller (or group) to assure a unique and pleasant experience."
    Jessica Eisner


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