Tour of the Granja

The Granja (Spanish for farm) is a 17 hectare (approximately 40 acre) aera owned conjointly between the local Municipal Government and the Amazonas High School. The farm contains numerous model projects, including pigs, fish ponds, guinea pigs, and a model ecotourism project. The granja is a 15 minute walk from the center of San Juan Bosco.

The site for the model eco-tourism project is approximately 10 acres, and consists primarily of secondary growth rain forest with interspersed old growth trees.

The trail consists of a 1.4 kilometer loop (just under 1 mile), along side the river Pan de Az˙car.


Old growth trees are interspersed throughout the area, and are often over 100 feet tall. This tree, referred to as the Tarzan tree, drops roots from the canopy to out compete other plants for water. The roots are thick and elastic, and can with stand over 200 pounds of weight.


    The tour of the Granja provides a sneak peak into the Biodiversity that lives in the jungle. Dozens of species of butterflies, insects, birds, and blooming orchids can be seen at any time on this tour. Below are only a few examples.

    On several occasions, this jungle squirell has been seen:

  • Butterflies

  • Insects

  • Orchids:

  • Exotic Plants:
    An example of plant mimicry; this plant mimics a fungal infection to prevent being eaten.

  • Fungus:

Other features of the Granja Tour:


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