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Flights to Ecuador are available through numerous airline companies, including American Airlines and Continental Airlines. There are 2 major airports in Ecuador, Guayaquil or Quito. From either of these destination, it is recommended that travelers fly to Cuenca, Azuay (approximately $60 from Guayaquil, or $70 from Quito), a flight of about 30 minutes.

From the Bus Terminal in Cuenca (Terminal Terestre), San Juan Bosco is 4-5 hours by bus, or 3 hours in a hired taxi ($100 each way).

There are 2 bus lines that have service to San Juan Bosco ($6); times are posted below:
16 de Agosto: 10AM, 2PM, 4:30PM, 7PM
Turismo Oriental: 9PM

The ride from Cuenca to San Juan Bosco traverses the transitional zone from the Sierra (high mountain ecosystem) to rain forest. The maximum altitude reached is near 14,000 feet (4000 meters), at a point called Loma de la Virgen (The Virgins Hillock). On a clear day, you can see the spectacular view of Ecuadors Oriente, extending all the way to Peru and beyond. The ride down is spectacular, with numerous waterfalls encountered on the journey. The most apparent aspect of the ride is the change in fauna; small fern plantsm with leaf lengths of only an inch, located at top of the Andes mountains slowly grow to large ferns with leaves often 3 feet long!!

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