Community of San Juan Bosco

The community of San Juan Bosco, population of approximately 1,500, was first settled in the early 1960's. Motivated by land concessions for settlers offered by the National Government, 5 founding families trecked east, and established the community. Over the course of 40 years, the community has developed into the seat of the county, and is the first of any other town in province to have potable water and a water sanitation treatment plant.

The community has cellular phone service, wireless internet throughout its dimensions, several restuarants, hotel accomodations, and offers a look into the prestine ecosystems which surround it.

Recent local acknowledgement of the consequences of cattle agriculture has been accompanied by efforts by the local government to improve knowledge of enhanced agricultural techniques. Alternative employment opportunities, including EcoTourism, have also been supported locally, as it is a source of income for not only guides, but also local store owners, restaurants, and other services.

The fundamental goal of Jungle Dave Tours is to utilize Ecological Based tourism to fund community development, beginning with environmental education and reforestation projects. University Scholarships are given to local High School Valedictorians. Other projects include community green houses, providing a source of vegetables to improve community nutrition, as well as improvement of educational materials in across the county.


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