San Juan Bosco, The Bi-National Park of Peace

A county within the province of Morona Santiago, San Juan Bosco extends from the Eastern side of the Andes mountains to the jungle border with Peru. Its county seat, which shares the same name, has a population size of approximately 1,500. Founded only 50 years ago, San Juan Bosco is pioneering community development in rural areas, featuring several firsts in the Province, country, and Latin America:

  • Community-wide water treatment plant for waste water management

  • Community-wide Wireless Internet Access (First in South America)

  • San Juan Bosco is home of the Bi-National Park of Peace, a park built and maintained in honor of the signing of the Internation Peace Accord between Peru and Ecuador in 1996.

  • With hotels and several restaurants available, San Juan Bosco offers everything a visitor needs.

    San Juan Bosco,
    Morona Santiago,

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