Jungle Dave's Farms, Produce

The farm is dedicated to produce the highest quality meats using organic methods. All animals are humanely treated, and organic diets have been developed to provide all necessary nutrients. Using chopped sugarcane as a key ingredient, diets of all animals are then supplemented, resulting in very fat and happy animals!

  • Beef: Red Angus, Charolais, Brown Swiss; beef breeds slaughtered 12-20 months of age
  • Lamb: Medina
  • Chicken: Broiler, "Runa", Organic, non-fertilied egg production
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Fruits and Vegetables

    The tropical climate in the Amazonia of Ecuador allows for year round farming; production of pasture, and some fruits and vegetables, are slightly slowed during the rainy season (Feb-May). The obvious benefit of the year round productive cycle is year round harvesting.

    Beef Production
    Morona Santiago,

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