Jungle Dave's Lamb

The production of organic lamb on Jungle Dave's Farms began in 2014, with two females and a single male in an initial attempt to successfully reproduce sheep, animals normally adapted to high altitude Andes mountain climate, in the Amazonia farther east.



Photos from actual products.

With the available pasture and other forages on the farm, the lamb successfully reproduced. As you can see, the lamb chops had good marbling, indicating a healthy animal, with an ample diet.

Select Lamb Cuts and Prices

Lamb Cuts
  • Lamb chops (Shown vaccuum sealed above).                     $8 / lb
  • Rack of Lamb                                                                       $8 / lb
  • Leg of Lamb                                                                         $7 / lb
  • Lamb Shoulder                                                                   $6 / lb
  • Diced Lamb                                                                         $5 / lb


    Bulk Prices Available!
    Delivery areas include Cuenca, Loja, Macas, Riobamba, Ambato, and Quito
    To order, call 09-233-1000, or email davegouch@yahoo.com

    Coming Soon
    Other produce, including a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as chicken and fish!! Please visit www.papaspuds.com to see the long term goal for Jungle Dave's Farm!!

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