Jungle Dave's Farm

Located at the eastern foothill of the moutnain Pan De Azucar, Jungle Dave's Farm is the site of a model farming project, introducing novel methods and techniques for land management in the area. Attractions at the farm include:
  • Ecotourism within a 50+ acre Primary Jungle Reserve
  • Model Cattle Farm
  • Reforestation Projects
  • Organic Farming
  • Water Quality Management

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    The main subsistence employment in the county of San Juan Bosco is cattle farming. The same techniques are applied today that were applied over 50 years ago. Mass tracts of Primary Jungle were destroyed and Gramalote planted, and cattle tied up and moved twice a day. The results are poorly fed cattle, with workers having little or no time to do anything else other than take care of the cattle (I know, I did it that way for 6 months).

    The cool way to do it, is using the jungle to form natural corrals with loose cattle, since cattle will not wonder aimlessly into the jungle. This requires changing pastures to another grass called Setaria (Setaria splendida), which can with stand the stamping of the cattle, and also grows better in shady areas, requiring TREES!!! Setaria also is higher in protein, and produces 5 rounds per year (matures every 75 days), where as Gramalote requires 12 months.


    Party Boy (left), with Al Capone (right).
    Cattle farm on one side of the farm.

    Kugle Falls, located on 50 acre primary jungle reserve on the otherside.

    Beef Production
    Morona Santiago,

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