Birds of San Juan Bosco

In any given morning drinking coffee on my balcony, I can identify 23 species of birds. Within a 15 minute walk from my house, I've identified over 50 species of birds. In total, 126 species of birds have been identified in San Juan Bosco over a 2.5 year period.

  • Several rare species of birds exist in the area, and sightings of birds from other regions (RED-MASKED PARAKEET known in Loja), make San Juan Bosco as a birders paradise..

    Bird Family Name Species Image
    Tanagers 25
    Cotingas 2
    Jays 24
    Fly Catchers 25
    Hummingbirds 6
    Parrots and Toucans 5
    Hawks 6
    Woodpeckers 6
    Seed Eaters, Sparrows, etc. 10
    TOTAL 109


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